Next General Meeting

Change Happening Now.

Are we reimagining public safety?

Or are we defunding the police?

The uncertainty of the times seems relentless at this point. Within our little patch of Oakland, we have people who are afraid. People who are impassioned. People who are angry. People who are hopeful. People who are done. People who are just getting started. And many of our neighbors are cycling through all of these different states of being daily. Change is happening. Let's come together to process it all.

Our next Beat 22X General Meeting is this coming Tuesday, August 11, at 7pm, wherever you happen to have an internet connection. 

It addition to discussing the potentially major shifts in the Oakland Police Department budget & responsibilities along with simultaneously increasing budgets for human services in Oakland, we'll be hearing from some of our local 22X neighborhood groups and about a neighborhood effort to calm traffic on Lyman Road.

As always, we'll have an update from Councilmember Sheng Thao's office.
You'll need to RSVP so we can send you a Google Meet link the day of the meeting. (This process helps to limit mischief.) You can submit questions and thoughts in advance using our Google Form.

Here are all the details:

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 7 - 8:30pm

Link to RSVP

Link to Submit Thoughts & Questions In Advance