Strengthen Community, Reduce Crime

Strengthen Community, Reduce Crime

Research suggests that strengthening communities reduces crime. And, great news for those of us living around Sausal Creek and just below vast stretches of open space, exposure to nature reduces crime (Exposure to Nature Linked to Stronger Communities, Reduced Crime)!

To reduce neighborhood crime, it is important to think about the psychology of neighborhood crime. Who commits crimes in our neighborhoods? People who feel desperate, whether its for adventure or a sense of power (in any neighborhood, there are teens who feel bored and over-controlled who burglarize homes) or for money for rent or food or prescription drugs or illegal drugs. People who commit crimes in our neighborhood are not feeling good about themselves or their role in society. People who commit crimes in our neighborhood also feel a sense of opportunity in doing so. When neighborhoods are empty of people and full of expensive things, those neighborhoods are targets.

Efforts to reduce crime can take many forms, from filling our front yards and sidewalks and parks and trails with people enjoying themselves to helping bring more economic equity to all the people of Oakland. Parents can help reduce teen crime by spending lots of quality time with their children as they grow, and giving them the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. Teens who have strong relationships with their parents and feel a sense of personal control over their lives are less likely to become involved with crime.

Who is already helping to reduce crime in our neighborhood? The folks who are...
  • Walking in the neighborhood. Especially if they are doing it with other neighbors.
  • Helping to restore the Bridgeview trail.
  • Hiking the Bridgeview trail.
  • Having their neighbors over for dinner.
  • Getting together with other neighbors at local establishments to have a cup of coffee, play a game, learn to knit, practice Spanish conversation, and on and on.
  • Organizing block parties and neighborhood barbecues. 
  • Playing pickup basketball at Dimond Park. 
  • Having the neighborhood kids over to play and ride bikes and do sidewalk art and shoot hoops and sell lemonade.
  • Playing games and communicating at a deep level with their own children.
  • Installing motion-activated light systems.
  • Installing other automated systems that turn on and off lights and radios while homes are empty.
  • Helping neighbors set up automated security systems.
  • Leaving a radio playing in their homes when they are gone.
  • Getting together to tackle neighborhood problems like racial profiling.
  • Getting together to tackle neighborhood problems like crime.
  • Organizing volunteer groups to respect and support Oaklanders who are struggling.
  • Mentoring at-risk youth in our community.
  • Volunteering to take Oakland kids into nature.
  • Making public art for all to enjoy.
  • Offering a warm smile to every human being they encounter during their day.
  • Being kind and supportive to others in our electronic neighborhood forums.
  • Displaying modesty with their belongings.
  • Sharing their wealth.
Plenty of people are already helping to reduce crime in our neighborhood. Think about it: Vibrant, tight-knit, generous communities suffer less crime; happy people who feel supported by their communities don't commit crimes.

Destinations and Organizations in our Neighborhood

Our neighborhood has a wealth of resources, from our beautiful park and friendly local businesses to community organizations. Here is a list of neighborhood resources. If you would like to add a community organization or other resource, send us an email

The Dimond Improvement Association 

As a non-profit public benefit corporation, the Dimond Improvement Association (DIA) strives to represent everyone in Oakland’s Dimond District including residents, merchants and visitors. We work together on issues and projects ranging from streetscape improvements, business development and crime reduction to beautification and community celebrations. Through the DIA, the community has a unified voice to advocate for improvements with the City of Oakland.

The Dimond Branch of Oakland Public Library

The Dimond Branch Library is closed for remodeling from Friday, December 23 to May 2017.

Oakland Unite

Oakland Unite violence prevention and intervention programs, funded by the Public Safety and Services Act and other funding sources, work to create a healthier and safer Oakland.

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