Mastodon East Canyon 22X Neighborhood Council: Meet (and Support!) Daniel of Redboy

Meet (and Support!) Daniel of Redboy

As a teenager in 2010, Daniel was washing dishes at both Oakland Redboy Pizza locations, the Oakmore restaurant on Leimert and the Redwood Road location just up the hill. Redboy is a restaurant franchise with seven locations, all in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Throughout his teen years, Daniel worked for the family who started the Redboy franchise. Before he turned 20, he became the proud owner of the small Fairfax location. Now he proudly owns both the Leimert and Redwood Road locations. 

It was just February of this year when Daniel bought the Leimert location, ready to continue all of the Redboy traditions. He wants to welcome more East Canyon neighbors!

And Daniel needs our support. We all know that small businesses in Oakland have been weathering increased crime. In mid-August, somebody busted one of the windows that looks out on Arden Place. Then, at the beginning of September, somebody finished the job on that same window, breaking in and stealing the cash drawer even though it had no cash. Last week, on the same day that Daniel had workers replacing the window on the side of the building, someone broke the window of the front door. This time a notebook that had tips from servers and drivers stashed within the pages disappeared.

It’s hard to know what to do in the face of rising crime. One sure thing is to support each other. Please choose Redboy when you are planning to treat yourselves. Remember the caffe also is open Thursdays through Sunday, 8am to 2 pm. If you come into the Leimert location, say hello to Daniel and let him know that you care and want to offer your support. We’ll get through this difficult time together.

You can order online at or give the Leimert location a call at (510) 531-9999.