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How Oakland Has Seen a Big Drop in Crime—Without More Police

Excerpt: "Operation Ceasefire is an expansive strategy that requires cooperation between law enforcement, prosecutors, human services, community groups, faith-based organizations and, crucially, people who are involved in violent crime. Law-enforcement investigators gather intelligence about groups of people who may be involved in violent crime or are at risk of committing a violent crime. Those people are called to a meeting, where they’re offered social services and support."

Find the link to this The Bold Italic article on our Reimagining page (Operation Ceasefire) or simply click here to go the article directly.

Next General Meeting

Todos son bienvenidos : All are welcome : 欢迎所有人

Meet our new District 4 Councilmember 

Sheng Thao!

Thursday, February 21st, 7-9pm
Dimond Library 

Keeping in step with Oakland's *Equity Indicators Project, the Neighborhood Council's questions for Sheng will focus on equity as a way of achieving a stronger and safer community for all. We will have time for questions from the audience, too. 

The event will be moderated by Sherri Taylor.

Light dinner provided by

Children are welcome. 

For more information, contact or

*Oakland Equity Indicators Report is available online at

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Free Event sponsored by your 22x Neighborhood Council


presented by RJOY 

Thursday, November 15th, 7-9 pm 
Dimond Library 
3565 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland 

Come learn about a form of justice that focuses on repairing harm. 

Restorative justice gives equal attention to: 
- Community safety 
- Victim’s needs 
- Offender Accountability and Growth 

Read more at 


22x Neighborhood Council:

Previous General Meeting

Free Event sponsored by your 22x Neighborhood Council

All are welcome


Thursday, September 13th, 6:30- 8pm
Sequoia School Auditorium


Voters will choose a new District 4 City Councilmember on
November 6th. Who will you vote for?

Candidates participating include:

✩ Pamela Harris    ✩ Matt Hummel

✩ Nayeli Maxson    ✩ Charlie Michelson

✩ Joseph Simmons    ✩ Joseph Tanios    ✩ Sheng Thao

The panel will be moderated by

Ravinder Singh, Chair of the Community Policing Advisory Board

This panel will focus on questions of equity.  How do the candidates intend to serve all the people of District 4 and our City?


For more information, contact