We Gathered; We Danced; We Talked; We Smiled :-)

Thanks to everyone who showed up to make our cooperative neighborhood gathering a success! Please enjoy these photos. If you have nice photos from the day, please email me!

Photo of people gathered at the cooperative neighborhood gathering.
As the event heats up, Creighton Davis, Chair of the Community Policing Advisory Board arrives with food from Sweet Fingers.
Mayoral candidate Elbert Owens fills up his plate with cabbage and greens from Nitty Gritty.
Our Community Resource Officer, Aaron Johnson, gets in early on our Dance for Oakland!
As more neighbors are lured into our Dance for Oakland, Bonnie Sita of East Bay Dance Center leads the way.
After we have packed up, the chalk art design from Nick Gott of Sunrise Movement remains.

General Meeting May 10

 Our next general meeting is coming right up! When?

Tuesday, May 10, 7pm

Will this meeting be online, in person, or both?

This will be a hybrid meeting!

To join online, use this link:


To join us in person, go to the Fred Finch Training Center:

3800 Coolidge Ave, Oakland, CA 94602

What's on the agenda? Lots!
  • The full scoop on the May 14 Cooperative Neighborhood Gathering at Dimond Park!
  • New name brainstorming! We'd like to have a name that is not 22x. We will brainstorm at the May 10 meeting and vote for a new name at the May 14 CoNee G! 
Here are some possibilities:
    • Canyon, for Dimond Canyon
    • Greater Dimond, because we are more than just the Dimond
    • Sequoia, for our neighborhood elementary school
    • Sausal Creek, for Sausal Creek
    • Willow Forest, for the trees that once lined Sausal Creek
    • The perfect name that you bring to the brainstorm...or...
    • 22x, if we are just not ready for change
Here is a map of our neighborhood:

  • Oakland General Plan Update from city planner, Ruslan Filipau.
  • Introduction to Oakland's Neighborhood Law Corps by city attorney Cara Reichard.
  • Block organizing, block reporting, and communication about crime and other topics
You make it great just by showing up. See you there!

Meet Your Neighbors at Dimond Park!

Have you felt it? That feeling that's going around? That feeling that Oaklanders are ready to connect and celebrate life together in Oaktown?

Illustration of People at the Park

Join your neighbors!

Saturday, May 14, 12-3pm at Dimond Park in Oakland

What's going on? So much is going on!

  • Field games
  • A Dance for Oakland featuring YOU!
  • Free Children's Books from Friends of Dimond Library
  • Formation of a Neighborhood Public Speaking Club
  • Chalk Art
  • Community Organizing
    • Organize your Block for Fun and Safety
    • Plan a Neighborhood Popup
    • Learn from Oakland's Neighborhood Law Corps how you can solve difficult problems on your block
  • Help Select a Friendly New Name to Oakland's 22X Neighborhood Council
  • Meet Local Candidates! 
    • Including Mayoral Candidates:
      • Greg Hodge
      • Derreck Johnson
      • Tyron Jordan
      • Peter Liu
      • Treva Reid
      • John Reimann
      • Seneca Scott
      • Derrick Soo
      • Loren Taylor
      • Sheng Thao
      • Allyssa Victory
    • Including District 4 City Council Candidates:
      • Janani Ramachandran
      • Renia Webb
  • Learn from your Neighbors!
    • Home Electrification
    • Fire Safety
    • Public Banking
  • Enjoy Free Food from Roasted & Raw Courtesy of the Oakland Police Department
And we're still planning!

Register NOW for FREE tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/318095972617

Brought to you by:
  • Oakland 22x Neighborhood Council
  • Oakland Parks and Recreation
  • Oakland's Community Policing Advisory Board
  • Oakland Police Department

Dimond Shine Day

The Dimond Improvement Association is putting on its first annual community clean-up event Saturday, March 26, from 9am - 1pm.  It’s called DIMOND SHINE DAY! And you can be part of it! It’s a great way to strengthen our community, get to know each other, and make the Dimond a vibrant, beautiful place!

Throughout the Dimond’s commercial area, volunteers will be fixing up planters, cleaning mosaics, picking up litter, weeding tree wells, painting lightpoles, and planting flowers.

Sign up today and choose your preferences for projects. On March 26, show up for refreshments, remarks from Councilmember Thao, and a free, collectible T-shirt! Join in, feel good, make a difference!

Dimond Improvement Association Presents

Managing California’s Water Resources in a Low-to-No-Snow Future

Thursday, Feb 24, 7:00pm

Are you concerned about our water supply? What does our future look like? Join your neighbors on Zoom to learn!

Many thanks to the Dimond Improvement Association for highlighting this life-critical issue.


Important General Meeting!

Tuesday, February 8, 7pm, Zoom only

Zoom Meeting Link


Oakland Community Preparedness & Response

Presentation by the Oakland Firesafe Council. Sneak peak:

 Top 5 Most Important Actions:

  • Register for AC Alerts
  • Make an emergency plan
  • Know Your Zone
  • Build Go-Bags/Stay Box
  • Help family, friends, and neighbors

Quick Overview of Community Opportunities

We will quickly go through some of the hyper-local opportunities offered by neighborhood groups! 


We will be voting for 22x Neighborhood Council Steering Committee seats. If you want to help build community, please consider joining us! Send us an email to learn more: 22xneighbors@gmail.com.

Reunited And It Feels So Good

This San Francisco couple bought this van a few months ago for their side business. Next thing they knew, it had been stolen! 

The van then showed up in front of our house and sat there for some time before our across-the-street neighbor brought it to our attention.

(We get a lot of cars parked in front of our house because of the businesses on Leimert, and I don't pay much attention. We have a long stretch of sidewalk out front and we're not bothered by the cars. It's a public street! Go ahead! Park!)

After our neighbor mentioned it, I used the handy-dandy Oak311 app to report it. 

Another thoughtful Oaklander, one who pays attention to the 311 posts, suggested that I try to figure out who owns the van and contact the owner. It's probably a stolen vehicle, he said, and the owner probably wants it back! This other neighbor said that he has successfully reunited several vehicles with the owners. The city folks don't have the bandwidth to deal with abandoned vehicles in a timely matter, he noted, and they are not going to make much of an effort to find the owner, who could eventually end up facing a monster bill from the city for storing the vehicle. What a huge bummer that would be! Can you imagine?

Okay. I figured I'd see what I could do. I walked out to the van in my slippers. On the aide of the van, I could see the ghost of branding past. There had been a company name and phone number, but it been removed. If I looked from just the right angle, I could make out a phone number. It was for the van's previous owner. Fast forward, oh, five minutes or so, the current owners received a call that their van had been recovered. They were so relieved!! By nightfall, the van was gone.

Honestly, it's amazing what a slipper-wearing person can accomplish! Am I right? And a big HEY-HO for strong community!

If you have an abandoned vehicle on your block, consider trying to make somebody's day. See if you can find the owner. :-)