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Stopping by…

A Visit to 3 Seasons Thai Bistro, 1506 Leimert Blvd.

by Carol Van Steenberg

You’ve heard about how Red Boy on Leimert has weathered multiple break-ins, hanging in there, continuing to be a neighborhood hub. But how’s  their next door neighbor faring? That’s 3 Seasons Thai Bistro, tucked between Red Boy and a residential building just up the street.

Neighbors check on neighbors, so we stopped by around 5 pm one afternoon this week to chat with Ian and Max at the bistro. The door was open. Ian welcomed us with a cheery smile as we entered, and we waved to Max, the owner, who was busy preparing for the evening dinner rush. A woman had just placed a take-out order. Everything looked perfect. Ian confirmed that business was good, getting back steadily to the pre-pandemic pace. Ian’s worked there since before the pandemic.

When asked if it was true that they’d been hit with a break-in recently, Ian said yes, and Max nodded in agreement. The intruders had broken glass and ransacked the premises upstairs and down, making a big mess. But the bistro was closed at that time, no one was hurt and little of value was taken. They were OK, and back to normal quickly. 

Ian explained why.  First, they routinely take wise precautions. No cash remains on the premises when they close up at night. Second, they have a great neighbor.  Hearing the ruckus in the middle of the night, the next door neighbor called OPD, then yelled at the uninvited folks, telling them to get out of there. And they did, in a hurry, knowing police were on the way.

Three nights before our impromptu visit this week, a noisy sideshow occurred at the intersection near them. Had it caused them any problems? Not really. It happened around closing time. Another neighbor called the police who arrived quickly, prompting the offending cars to leave. Ian said they were grateful that OPD now can respond to sideshows and disperse them before trouble occurs. Having good neighbors is great, too.

Another piece of good news: 3 Seasons Thai Bistro has  begun serving lunch again on weekends! On  Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays they are open 11 am to 9 pm. Dine in, take out or order online. Call them at 510-479-3339. Or find them online at