Personal Safety Tips from Oakland Police Department

The following safety tips were posted to Nextdoor by the Public Information Officer Team of the Oakland Police Department:

Be alert while using your electronic devices. According to recent crime trends, robbers want your laptops/smart phones/iPads, backpacks and other valuables.

3 tips to practice:  

1. Always think prevention:

  • Always conceal your valuable items.
  • To be safe, treat your cell phone/laptop like cash.  Don’t let anyone know you have it.

2. Don’t make yourself a target:

  • Don’t talk on your phone while you sit in your car or walk down the street.
  • Earphones/headphones may draw unwanted attention.
  • Remove flashy, gold jewelry in public.  
  • Consider turning on “Find My iPhone/Smartphone” feature on your phone or install a tracking app for your phone.

3. Be street smart: 

  • Scan the area before getting in and out of your vehicle and while loading/unloading items.
  • Be alert while waiting for public transit.
  • Know your surroundings!  Be aware of who is approaching you & in your immediate space. If someone behaves suspicious, avoid that person by crossing the street, going inside a nearby business or other public place with a crowd. 
  • If you must make a call, go to a safe space, make your call, and then conceal your electronic device.
Oakland Police Department, Neighborhood Services Section, encourages residents & merchants to stay informed & get engaged.   Join your neighborhood Council or start a Neighborhood Watch on your block.   Learn more visit