What's a CoNee G?

What's a CoNee G?

A CoNee G is a cooperative neighborhood gathering. 

It brings neighbors together around common interests and goals in healthy, sustainable ways that minimize the role of societal privilege. A CoNee G is organized by community members based on community interests and concerns without requiring an exchange of money at the events

What are some table ideas?

  • Book exchange

  • Seasonal clothing

  • Musical instruments

  • Peer counseling

  • Block-by-block organizing

  • Home harvest exchange/give away

  • Support for struggling neighbors

  • Life story interview -- add stories to website

  • Jobs

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Initiatives -- have an idea for the neighborhood? Get support for it!

  • Find neighborhood musicians for jams

  • Chess, other board games

  • Teach a skill

  • Restorative justice resources

  • Bits & Pieces -- changes monthly -- board games, food containers, craft supplies, pet stuff, snow paraphernalia, beach paraphernalia, garden supplies, BABY ITEMS!

  • Leftover construction materials

What is your idea?