What's a CoNee G?

What's a CoNee G?

A CoNee G is a cooperative neighborhood gathering. 

It brings neighbors together around common interests and goals in healthy, sustainable ways that minimize the role of societal privilege. A CoNee G is organized by community members based on community interests and concerns without requiring an exchange of money at the events

Community policing is about strengthening communities such that neighbors know each other and support each other. Crime reduction comes from people feeling known and valued and supported in their communities. CoNee Gs make it easy for neighbors to get together around common interests and to support each other during this time of unsettling change -- and beyond! What's it look like? 


What are some table ideas?

  • Children's book exchange

  • SciFi book exchange

  • Mystery book exchange

  • Seasonal clothing

  • Musical instruments

  • Peer counseling

  • Have table for residents who have experienced crime to discuss the specifics with Beat Officer.

  • Block-by-block organizing

  • Home harvest exchange/give away

  • Support for struggling neighbors

  • Life story interview -- add stories to website

  • Jobs

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Initiatives -- have an idea for the neighborhood? Get support for it!

  • Find neighborhood musicians for jams

  • Chess, other board games

  • Teach a skill

  • Restorative justice resources

  • Bits & Pieces -- changes monthly -- board games, food containers, craft supplies, pet stuff, snow paraphernalia, beach paraphernalia, garden supplies, BABY ITEMS!

  • Leftover construction materials

What is your idea?