Mastodon East Canyon 22X Neighborhood Council: Lots of Carjackings in Oakland

Lots of Carjackings in Oakland

Hello neighbors!

OPD's Captain Bassett held a Zoom meeting with Oakland Area 3 leaders on Tuesday. Some information came up that I want to share out.

There have been a lot of carjackings in Oakland recently -- a lot. The perpetrators tend to be very young -- often teenagers, some as young as 10-12 years old! Typically the carjackings happen in residential neighborhoods while folks are parking because the kids know that the driver has their keys and is likely distracted.
The advice is to pay particular attention when you are parking your car at home. Just look around for anyone who might be waiting for you to park. Try not to be on your phone as you exit your vehicle. Pay attention as you load up your arms with groceries to leave your car.

Hope you find this bit of information helpful! Stay safe and enjoy the day. 🙂