General Meeting May 10

 Our next general meeting is coming right up! When?

Tuesday, May 10, 7pm

Will this meeting be online, in person, or both?

This will be a hybrid meeting!

To join online, use this link:

To join us in person, go to the Fred Finch Training Center:

3800 Coolidge Ave, Oakland, CA 94602

What's on the agenda? Lots!
  • The full scoop on the May 14 Cooperative Neighborhood Gathering at Dimond Park!
  • New name brainstorming! We'd like to have a name that is not 22x. We will brainstorm at the May 10 meeting and vote for a new name at the May 14 CoNee G! 
Here are some possibilities:
    • Canyon, for Dimond Canyon
    • Greater Dimond, because we are more than just the Dimond
    • Sequoia, for our neighborhood elementary school
    • Sausal Creek, for Sausal Creek
    • Willow Forest, for the trees that once lined Sausal Creek
    • The perfect name that you bring to the brainstorm...or...
    • 22x, if we are just not ready for change
Here is a map of our neighborhood:

  • Oakland General Plan Update from city planner, Ruslan Filipau.
  • Introduction to Oakland's Neighborhood Law Corps by city attorney Cara Reichard.
  • Block organizing, block reporting, and communication about crime and other topics
You make it great just by showing up. See you there!